Emotions at Work | 041

Emotions at Work How do emotions show up in the work place? What affect do emotions have on performance? How we can create awareness around them in order to make them work for us? Evolution of Emotions in the Workplace Historically corporate culture involved leaving one’s emotions at home. Employees were required to show up, hands and …

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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – Tapping with Liz | 039

Tapping on Emotions  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – a Positive Psychology tool for regulating our emotional state. What is EFT? EFT or tapping is a healing practice that connects the language of the body (emotions/feelings, energy) with subconscious thought patterns. Once we identify these thoughts we can explore the potential to regulate them and engage …

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Leading with the heart | 031

Leading with the heart | Episode 31 Curve balls don’t have to be big deals they can be small things and they impact our hearts, unconscious patterns and how we feel. Patterns can kick-in and we can even behave like a deer in headlights (even if only for a moment) when we are thrown curve …

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