The EQ Evolution Podcast

Evolving Conversations

Emotional Intelligence is not another thing to add to your plate. It is the plate on which you carry life. This podcast began as a way for Candice Dick to share the value of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and the power it has to transform leadership, parenting, relationships … well everything.


By learning and sharing EQ Candice gathered a community of practitioners – heart-leaders -whose wisdom, knowledge and life-experience is worth listening to… Donna-Joy Ford, Keith and Liz Cunningham, Colleen Wilson.


Over time Liz Cunningham, Candice’s soul-sister, mentor in EQ and friend found their conversations were 

adding value, they were having such a great time sharing their similar and yet very different perspectives

and so it was that Liz became co-host.  


2020 hit and both Candice and Liz felt the calling to be present in their own lives for different reasons and 

so it is the podcast has been quiet.  There is still lots to explore for newcomers to the podcast and 

if you were fans watch this space…  it seems there may be a whisper calling us to return. How is the conversation evolving?

EQ Evolution is about living from the heart. Each heart-truth is unique and yet all reveal: more freedom to be you, more authenticity, more intentionality, more connection and ultimately a more heart-based world. Join us on the journey of finding and following your truth by living from the heart. 

“Thanks soooooo much for all that you do and please know that your sacrifices have helped me and my family through my cancers, depression, PTSD, anxieties etc.

For what it's worth, you have made a great impact within this dad, husband, son PE teacher, sports coach etc through your most practical messages.  


Candice & Liz

Liz and Candice met dancing Nia –  a dynamic and fun movement workout and lifestyle practice grounded in awareness of the intelligent design of the body. Weeks later Candice was asked by someone she met if she had a sister – Liz Cunningham? Biological sister, no. Soul-sister, for sure.  


Candice, seeking a mentor in Emotional Intelligence discovered Liz had been working in the field well over a decade and so their live paths began to meander together with their shared love of passing on the wisdom of what they are learning. A sharing of what it takes to be living from the heart, listening to spirit, dancing with life.


The EQ Evolution Podcast is way that through real and honest conversations they share reflections of what is arising in their lives as an offering to others who wish to live with greater flow. Flourishing. Surrendering. Serving. Trusting.