Leading with the heart | 031

Leading with the heart | Episode 31

  • Curve balls don’t have to be big deals they can be small things and they impact our hearts, unconscious patterns and how we feel.
  • Patterns can kick-in and we can even behave like a deer in headlights (even if only for a moment) when we are thrown curve balls.
  • Our heart can be sending a contradictory tone to our words.

Self-awareness & self-control

  • The perceived most powerful person sets 50 & 70 percent of the emotional tone in the room according to Daniel Goleman.
  • If I don’t have awareness of what I am feeling then I am not aware of what I am transmitting – tone, body-language, etc.
  • Internal co-herence (or not) is transmitted from people and other’s pick up on that.
  • A starting point for leadership is to move from fear/contracted space/survival mode into or toward a growth or expanded (love) space.
  • There is a difference between pressure & stress. Nothing in life has any meaning other than the meaning we give it. It’s important to recognise how our unconscious is interrupting what is going on.

What does it look like practically to lead with heart?

  1. Know what is going on in ourselves. Our reference point has to be, not what is going on in our heads, but what we are feeling. It has to be internal.
  • Do I feel heavy or light?
  • Am I exhilarated or constricted and stuck?
  • Am I contracted or expansive?
  1. Can use HeartMath heart rate variability (HRV) monitor measure to recognise what you are feeling.
  • There is more information going from the heart to the brain than from the brain to the heart.
  1. Steps to move into Heart Coherence:
  • Place your hand on your heart
  • Consciously take your attention to your heart. Breathe in through the nose and out through the nose. Imagine the breathe is going directly into the heart.
  • Can close or soften your eyes to add to it.
  • Imagine a feeling of appreciation, gratitude, peace and imagine breathing them directly into your heart.
  • Centers us in the present / in the now.

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