Why is managing people so tough? | 24

Key ideas around leading and managing people with Emotional Intelligence

  • Promotions and stress can impact our Emotional Intelligence (EQ) especially as new managers often encounter resistance.
  • Compounded stress is often ignored and then explodes or results in reduced EQ competencies.
  • The more vulnerable people feel the more they tend to want to micromanage and that can lead to a cycle of disempowering staff.
  • Communication has only happened if the message has actually been heard.
  • Purpose and mastery are huge intrinsic motivators.
  • Emotions are contagious:
    • What emotions are you transmitting?
    • Are you taking ownership for what you are feeling?
    • Are you picking up and living into others emotions?
  • Sometimes you have to take short-term pain for the long-term benefits.
  • Keep in mind the results you desire when going into an interaction (meeting, conversation etc.).
  • If you are in an emotional hijack you/others are operating from their survival brain resulting in fight or withdrawl response.

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