EQ Testing

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Testing & Assessments

EQ Tests or assessments are a powerful way to increase awareness.  Whether you are beginning your journey to understand yourself with Emotional Intelligence or as a way to better understand your team or organisation.  The assessment can be used for individual development, company or school climate analysis or as a tool during recruitment.

Many of the EQ Evolution experts offer the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment (SEI™) .  The SEI™ offers an opportunity to reflect on your emotional intelligence; what strengths you can leverage and where there are opportunities for growth.  This EQ test is a self-assessment completed on-line, it is a “Level B” tool with rigorous psychometric properties and so must be debriefed – in person or on Skype.  The SEI™ is unique because it is action-oriented, practical, easy to apply to a range of situations, international, well researched, and powerful.

EQ testing is offered in Gauteng, Western Cape, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, Free State, Mpumalanga, Limpopo and Africa.

Types of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Tests

Here are a few examples of what Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Tests and Assessments our experts offer:

Driver Assess: Driving EQ

Emotions drive people, people drive cars. Use driving to better understand yourself and your emotional patterns.

SEI Youth Version (ages 8 – 18 years)

  • SEI Assessment for Youth (Self-Assesment)
  • SEI Assessment for Youth (Parent Perspective)
  • EQ Brain Profiles

Adults Versions

  • SEI Development Assessment
  • EQ Brain Profiles
  • SEI Leadership Report
  • 360 SEI Report
  • SEI Group Report
  • Drivers Assess

Organisations Versions

  • Organisational Climate Measures
  • Vital Signs
  • Educational Vital Signs

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