Talking about what Matters Most | 022

Talking about what matters most | Episode 22 with Liz Cunningham

  • How do we move from conflict to conversations, from resistance to flow?
  • Can we move from judgment to staying in the question?
  • How do you create an environment where we can talk about what matters most and not just what needs to get done?
  • How do you have conversations focusing on what we do want rather than focusing on what we don’t want?
  • How do we build connection rather than alienate each other?
  • When we are in communication (at home, or work) are we talking to build relationships?

“It takes courage to ask a question rather than offer up advice or provide an answer or unleash a solution.” – Brene Brown

Starting Point Conversation Cards include:

30 Cards with questions about the TRUE YOU (the human being) that can spark courageous conversations

30 Cards with questions about the FUNCTIONAL YOU (more around work and what you do in the world)

30 Cards about FEEDBACK and invite explorative conversations

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