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Starting Point Question Cards

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Starting Point Question Cards
Starting Point Question Cards

Starting Point Question Cards help start conversations that enable people to understand more about each other, build trust and get clarity on how to work together.

Having a conversation is something we do many times a day. We have been experts at having conversations since we learnt to talk. Conversations happen most easily when there is trust, mutual respect, the prospect of a good story, when there is an opportunity to grow and when we look forward to spending time in the company of a person or people we like.

At work though, particularly when it comes to superior / subordinate interactions, many of us lose the ‘art of conversation’. We often put off work conversations because of fear, conflict, intimidation, shyness, lack of self-esteem or a  multitude of reasons like – ‘I don’t have the time’, ‘he’s always angry at something’, ‘I don’t trust her’, ‘they’re here to do a job, not to sit around talking’.  All of these ‘reasons’ are perceptions or beliefs; our point of view. They get in the way of us having the conversations that matter the most; that build relationships and enable people to thrive at work.

Product Specs

90 Business card size question cards are contained in a small zipped pouch with an A5 instruction flyer.

Product Instructions

The question cards can be used in several different ways is the workplace:

  1. In One-on-Ones – each person takes a card and answers / asks a question;
  2. In team sessions – each team member asks / answers a question;
  3. Specific context – look for the question(s) that will enable you to begin the conversation.

The questions can be asked in the way they are written or they can be turned around e.g. “What I value about you is…” can become, “What do you value about me?”