EQ Expert

Liz Cunningham

EQ Expert

EQ matters because emotions influence everything, all of the time. They are a naturally occurring source of energy and information about ourselves and others. When worked with intentionally, they can fuel amazing change and growth.


My life’s work is to bring the benefits of practical EQ skill, heart energy mastery and integrated wellbeing to humanity through workshops, public speaking and personal mentoring. As well as working with the mind/body wellbeing that Emotional Intelligence enables, I am committed to bringing body/mind understanding and energy management practices to individuals to counter the effects of stress by recharging body, mind and spirit.

By combining EQ insight, HeartMath coherence practices, Energy management tapping techniques and Nia movement, integrated wellbeing is a personal dynamic exploration of effective approaches for self regulating the heart’s coherent connection to the brain.

This passion and focus flows from my own experience……..I started working in the early 80’s with big enthusiasm and dreams. Twenty years on, with a level of societal and organisational success under my belt, I was feeling stressed and drained of life energy. I was making a good living…….but running on empty.

Since 2000 my path has been one of learning and choosing to live well at every level of being; physical energy and balance, emotional choice and freedom from old patterns, mental curiosity and creativity, spiritual essence and impact.

In the journey to revitalise my own life force, I learnt about the patterns of emotional energy that permeate our lives and how tapping into our heart intelligence is a doorway to body/mind wellbeing.  Developing EQ and Intuition supports new ways of seeing, feeling, thinking and doing……a new way of being and navigating our way in life situations.

While we need knowledge and skill on the IQ side in the complex work and societal context we live in, without an understanding of how to tap into our intuitive sense of knowing, our emotional guidance system, we struggle to understand and inspire our own and other’s potential.





The way your workshop was presented was completely out of the box and enabled us to think critically on how WE view things. Taking accountability for self.

- Mandy, Nedbank

Although some sessions are conducted in group format, one always gets the sense of individual attention. The connect between theoretical material and the practical application to individuals and their situations is excellent.

- Vossie, Omnia Fertiliser

EQ Workshops & Training

Using theatre as a metaphor for how workshops are facilitated and experienced; each workshop is like improv theatre where instead of delivering a scripted performance I draw on the delegates’ real-life context making it a personally engaging EQ growth experience.

Inhouse company workshops are events with an agreed intention for the group attending the workshop.

Sample workshop titles include:
Thrive from 9 to 5
A change of heart changes everything

1 day 'mindspa' for insight, hope and personal wellbeing. It is relevant form everyone who is feeling the pressure of these times. It shows people that they have choice and can change their view of themselves. Delegates take away useable tools for body/mind coherence and a greater resilience to navigate life's circumstances.

Courageous Conversations
Talking about what matters most

2 days to enable people to understand, trust and move forward through dialogue. It is relevant for you, me and everyone at work. It shifts people from a state of survival and judgement, to one of curiosity and understanding. Delegates take away Starting Point Conversation Cards, 90 questions that help them start the conversations they need to have. The will and insight to let go of assumptions, stereotypes and false perceptions. The courage and desire to connect.

Agile Leadership
Enabling practical contextual growth

3 day skills workshop develops leaders@everylevel who are agile in their style of unlocking potential in others. It is relevant for anyone who is required to motivate and grow other's performance. It shows people how to combine rational functional skills with a parallel set of EQ centric skills. It enables a Leadership culture built on trust and that impacts in a way that considers people and the world we live in.

Public Heart Movement workshops are offered for groups of women during the year, or on request at The Heart Space Studio in Clansthal. Duration and costs provided per event.

By combining EQ insight, HeartMath coherence practices, Energy management techniques and Nia movement, Heart Movement is a personal dynamic exploration of effective approaches for self regulating the heart’s coherent connection to the brain. Feelings of joy, passion and love, are naturally occurring endorphins released in the body and brain in response to two things: our emotional state and physical activity.

Dance to the Music of your Heart - A Deep Dive into each aspect of change & growth
 Awareness: Body sensation, triggers for resistance
 Attention: Emotion patterns, beliefs, fears
 Intention: Conscious mind, raising your vibe
 Action: Dance to the music of your heart and your body will follow.

EQ Testing

Driving EQ - Driver Assess Profile
Emotions drive people, People drive cars.

Global research points to EQ being at minimum 2.5 times more important than IQ when navigating complex and dynamic situations.

Driver Assess profile provides personal feedback on your patterns of thinking, feeling and action behind the wheel. This enables you to be able to make conscious choices for positive change in the areas where these patterns create risk for you and others on the road.

It is an online test which takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Online video material and EQ mentoring to support and catalyse the areas of desired change is available.

Coaching & Mentoring

I have worked with emotional intelligence since 2002, mastering the ability to zone in on, and support people to navigate the unconscious sabotaging behaviours, negative emotional energy patterns, limiting beliefs and stories that keep them from living their potential.

EQ is a vehicle for growth and wellbeing which takes us very quickly into the space of working with energy at all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This is an exciting space where shifts, growth and wellbeing happen powerfully and quickly.

In the business world I work with individuals, teams and Leadership impacting employee energy, resilience and engagement, team cohesiveness, organisational climate and people’s capacity to navigate change.

Outside of business I am drawn to connect with, and in particular, to inspire womanity:

• Women of my age and stage, to explore and embrace their whole being; their wisdom, vitality and overlooked creative expression.
• Women in their career and family rearing years who are bravely juggling conflicting priorities, and in the process, are losing their balance and wellbeing.

The journey is both creative and practical and is a process of facilitating, inspiring and stretching individuals to live life better.
Creative- engaging heart and mind, in the moment, with each interaction;
Practical–finding and committing to action that is relevant;
Facilitating–interaction is one of discovery and inward learning;
Inspiring–uncovering what matters most to support meaningful growth;
Stretching–using Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) to move beyond perceived limits.

Guest Speaking

My preferred style of guest speaking leans towards audience interaction more than presentation .

I am happy to create energising EQ centric and related wellbeing topics for groups. An example of topics are:
Leading with Heart – How EQ enables IQ
Emotions @ Work – The Business of Emotional Energy
Tapping into Emotions – How emotional energy aligns the Body and Brain for performance
Employee Engagement – More than Hands, Feet and Brains
MindSpa – Shifting perspective to embrace change and growth


Since 2002 I have partnered with HR and Business Leaders to dream, design and deliver EQ centric strategies that unlock the discretionary energy and capacity of human talent and potential.

After 20 years of Corporate experience in the I.T industry providing HR solutions to a wide variety of business sectors I committed myself to sharing EQ as a vehicle for evolving business thinking and behaviour.

I work with individuals, teams and Leadership impacting employee energy, resilience and engagement, team cohesiveness, organisational climate and capacity to navigate change.