EQ Expert

Liz Cunningham

EQ matters because emotions influence everything, all of the time. They are a naturally occurring source of energy and information about ourselves and others. When worked with intentionally, they can fuel amazing change and growth.


My life’s work is to share my experience and understanding of Emotional Intelligence(EQ) in a way that supports new ways of seeing, feeling, thinking and doing……a new way of being and responding to life situations so that we can navigate the times we live in with more joy, vitality and fulfilment.

‘It takes courage to live in this world and it takes courage to love in this world. It’s not about moral concepts. It’s about choice, action and consequence’ – the Way of the Peaceful Warrior

For me, this means living my free spirit as a Heart Leader and Soul Mover.

Heart Leader– Shifting perspective from  fearing life to loving life, from survival to choice and growth using practical EQ skill & heart energy mastery.

A change of heart changes everything.

Soul Mover– Embodying heart intelligence as a doorway to intuition and body/mind intelligence using movement and energy management practices to raise my vibe and align body, mind and spirit.

Our body speaks our mind.

My Back Story

My passion and focus flows from my own experience……..I started working in the early 80’s with big enthusiasm and dreams. Twenty years on, with a level of societal and organisational success under my belt, I was feeling stressed and drained of life energy. I was making a good living…….but running on empty.

Since 2000 my path has been one of learning and choosing to live well at every level of being: physical energy and balance, emotional choice and freedom from old patterns,mental curiosity and creativity,spiritual essence and impact

I have worked with EQsince 2002, mastering the ability to zone in on, and support people to navigate the unconscious sabotaging behaviours, negative emotional energy patterns, limiting beliefs and stories that keep them from living their potential.

EQis a vehicle for growth and wellbeing that moves us into working with our energy for life at all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This is an exciting space where shifts and growth happen powerfully and quickly.




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The way your workshop was presented was completely out of the box and enabled us to think critically on how WE view things. Taking accountability for self.

- Mandy, Nedbank

Although some sessions are conducted in group format, one always gets the sense of individual attention. The connect between theoretical material and the practical application to individuals and their situations is excellent.

- Vossie, Omnia Fertiliser

EQ Workshops & Training

In person I am offering

Group womanity retreats to:

o inspire women of my age and stage, to explore and embrace their whole being; their wisdom, vitality and overlooked creative expression.
o support women juggling career, family and personal priorities in exploring balance and wellbeing

At the Heart Space in Clansthal, KZN south coast, I am hosting
• Womanity Retreats
• Individual Mentoring
• Energy for Life events
• Nia and Yoga classes.

Coaching & Mentoring

In person I am offering Individual mentoring with people in situations of influence and impact:

o Individuals wanting to grow their own heart led impact in the world

I show up as a Mentor, a non judging conscious presence. I meet people where they are at and support them in allowing life to provide their learning, so that they can integrate their personal insight and navigate their world as it unfolds.

Mentoringis both creative and practical, an intuitive journey of facilitating, inspiringand stretching  people to find the power of their heart, the power of their spirit, the power of their voice and to live these in the power of their actions.

Creative- engaging heart and mind, in the moment, with each interaction;
Practical–draws on tools and techniques that support commitment to action that is relevant;
Facilitating–interaction is one of discovery and inward learning;
Inspiring–uncovering what matters most to support meaningful growth;
Stretching–using Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) to move beyond perceived limits.

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