Living Emotional Intelligence |New series for 2019 | 048

 Introducing our new podcast series for 2019: Living Emotional Intelligence

Candice Dick and Liz Cunningham are devoted to building, growing and serving the EQ community around them.

The Living Emotional Intelligence series is a new format created with the intention to share our own personal experiences in embodying emotional intelligence in daily life. The podcast goes beyond the cognitive theory of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) which was explored in Unpacking Emotional Intelligence the EQ Evolution podcast series 1, shifting the focus from understanding to deep diving and exploring. From head to heart and body in order to gain better access to choices that align with our authentic selves.

In this episdose we discuss the courageous conversation that took place between us in order to create this podcast series in a way that allows space for each of us to remain in alignment with our own personal goals, while supporting each other and serving the greater EQ community.

The Living Emotional Intelligence podcast will serve as a space that allows for emotional experiences to unfold and evolve in ways that connect us more to being present in our own bodies.

We welcome our listening community to join our new Facebook group (Living Emotional Intelligencegroup link), that offers a space to explore and connect with others who are also on the journey to self discovery and awareness through emotional intelligence.

Here are our intentions and motivation around living emotional intelligence this year and we invite you to share your intentions and personal journeys on the closed Facebook group.

Candice:  Intends to maintain a healthy work/life balance as a mother, which includes investing in her relationship with her husband and child.

Liz: Intends to explore living emotional intelligence with women, a process she calls womanity.Liz aims to guide women in both earlier and later stages of life towards living in alignment with their true selves. Liz is inspired by her own experience of the 30s and 40s being as transformational as the 50s and 60s.

Join us in asking yourself:
  •  What does living emotional intelligence in 2019 look like for you?
  •  What choices would you make if you embodied EQ?

 For us it looks like trust, flow, growth and vitality and we’re excited to journey alongside you.


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