EQ Expert

Candice Dick

EQ Expert

EQ matters because emotions influence how we act, the choices we make, the quality of our relationships and at the core our peace of mind.


My commitment is to children and I believe I best serve children and youth by up-skilling the parents and educators around them in Emotional Intelligence. EQ, I have found to be the most effective and potent way to make postive change. Today life is busy, chaotic, uncertain with constant change.  We need to empower youth with the skills to trust themselves, to know what they value, to be able to prioritise and make smart choices in tough situations.

My career began with a B.Comm from the university of Stellenbosch but it wasn’t long before my care for children put me on the road to education volunteering and later working at the Starfish Greatheart Foundation and then gaining my Post Graduate certificate in educatin.

Once teaching I found children seemed to lack ownership of their lives or choices and so I went searching for what I felt would help remedy this position. Serendipitously, I found EQ after various speaking engagements on ‘The Self-Esteem Trap’ (a talk based on the book by the same name). EQ is about buiiding the skills and habits that lead to personal accountability, leadership, connection and contribution.

In 2011 I flew to Singapore to train formally and gained my EQ Certifcation with Six Seconds. This led to me co-hosting their first African EQ Certificaiton in Durban. I also studied under Byron Katie at The School for The Work in Germany. The Work is a powerful method of mind yoga developing self-awareness and discovering and unpacking the beliefs that do not serve us.


Your down-to earth manner, quirky sense of humour and infectious laughter are all very disarming in the face of the very real minefield of unchartered emotions. ... You make people comfortable enough to unpack all those very uncomfortable emotions – a feat indeed!

- Nadia, Kwa-Zulu Natal

Candice, anyone who is facing any new, challenging, difficult situation would benefit from spending time with you. You are naturally gifted in supporting people to work through their own problems as well as grow in their understanding of themselves. You are wise – very wise!

- Hagan, Ladysmith

EQ Workshops & Training

Together with, Colleen Wilson we offer Contemporary Parenting, Educating and Leading courses for parents and educators in Emotional Intelligence, mindfulness and the science of relationships. My favourite part of my work is the feedback when teachers and parents share that our work has led to more laughter in the home, greater harmony and conenction. This is the greatest reward for the work I do.

Contemporary Parenting Signature course
Contemporary Educator Signature course
Contemporary Leading Signature course

WTS! What’s the Solution?
Four key steps to minimising conflict and maximising relationships in and around the classroom. This workshop focuses on understanding the science of integration and the profound impact integration has on the classroom, the playground, educator-parent and educator-to-educator relating. This is run as a half-day workshop.

An introductions to Emotional Intelligence for learners


Contemporary Parenting is the work, I together with Colleen Wilson have created to empower parents. When parents understand Emotional Intelligence and how to grow it, it empowers them to be able to handle daily challenges with context and awareness of what is needed for these to be powerful learning opportunities.

We offer the Contemporary Parenting Signature course as a public workshop and offer talks on a variety of topic’s around parenting. Visit the EQ event page to see when the next course is happening.

Guest Speaking

Emotional Intelligence is a topic that is almost as broad as it is deep because it impacts every area of our lives. If you’d like a speaker who can share experiences from the heart that illustrate key concepts of EQ while being both engaging and informative please get in touch.


I currently offer on-line and in person support to school leaders wishing to be proactive about integrating Emotional Intelligence into their schools. This is a proces that takes time but the investment pays dividends in creating a safe school space that allows learners to discover intrinsic motivation, empathy, accountability, resilience and a sense of purpose and contribution.

I am the illustrator of Feeling Bodies. I wanted to create a product that included the whole body because emotions are the language of the body and not just the face. I wanted a local product available affordably and has worked hard to ensure that the full Feeling Magnet product range is available to South Africa on take-a-lot or in person at all Contemporary Parenting and Educating’s live events.