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Do you make conscious driving choices in the car?

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  • Are your choices from your conscious or unconscious mind?
  • What are your driving habits when you are not paying attention?
  • Making choices from the conscious mind can help keep you making low risk driving choices.
  • Conscious choices allow you to respond rather than react to other drivers choices on the road.
  • Can you think about the consequences if you make the same choices as other drivers around you?

How do we learn to make conscious choices more often on the road?

  • The first step is awareness. Naming emotions. Paying attention to your internal voice.
  • You can only have choice when you’re in your conscious mind.
  • If you are driving in habit you are making choices from patterns you’ve learnt in the past.
  • Triggers: Do you know what triggers you to slip into your unconscious mind? What feeling are you experiencing? What is the meaning you give the action that has happened?
  • Intention: What do I want to change this to?
  • We owe it to ourselves and others to make active choices.

**Nobody is going to get it right 100% of the time. We are all learning to be better so be compassionate, recognise your pattern and make a new choice.

Before you get in the vehicle

  • Rate or reflect on your tension/stress levels.
  • If they’re really high don’t drive until you’ve consciously taken a few breaths or calmed yourself down.

Road Safety

Everyone cares about road safety until they hear they may be part of the problem.

  1. Driver Assess measures your behaviours when driving not your driving ability.
  2. What you do with information you gain from the assessments is what makes a difference or not.

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