EQ Expert

Keith Cunningham

EQ matters because because our functional skill is always influenced by our current emotional state, for better or worse.


A personal insight in this journey has been the extent to which emotional patterns are intensely experienced as one drives a motor vehicle. The insight that ‘emotions drive people, people drive cars’ has led me to launch a product called Driver Assess, a profiling tool that enables drivers to become more self aware and emotionally alert by understanding what their trigger events are, how they feel in the moment & change their response if need be.

Through combining EQ and Driver Assess I want to bring change and accountability to drivers in South Africa and the greater African continent. – Driving Behaviour, Saving Lives.

My corporate career was spent in heavy industry – the gold & diamond mines, Richards Bay Coal Terminal & SAB. All of them provided me with work, functional growth and a good living; I wasn’t able to thrive sustainably. This says less about these companies than it does about me, or rather the person I was. In 2000 I decided I’d had enough and went travelling around the world for seven months with Liz and I began my journey of discovery using emotional intelligence.

My background in industry and my passion for travel and reading about the history of mankind enables me to connect with individuals at all levels in organisations. The work I do focuses on enabling people to live life consciously via making active choices. My interests are in enabling others to understand their potential by exploring who they are, where they have come from and what they hope to become. I use EQ as the vehicle with which they break out of their comfort zones and thrive at work and in life.

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At first, I went into denial, but as I reflected on the results of my assessment more and more, the more I connected the dots......and the reality sunk in that my driving behaviour was indeed reckless, placing myself and other at risk.

- Gavin - Business owner

Since doing the Driver Assess profile I have definitely become a more mindful and patient driver. Doing the profiler makes you so much more aware of your own reactions; I actually enjoy driving more now.
I think this tool is very powerful and recommend it to anyone who gets behind the wheel.

- Kerry - Parent

Coaching & Mentoring

One of coaching and mentoring’s greatest challenges is for people to return to their ‘real world’ and consistently take the actions or hold the head space that they committed to in the coaching and mentoring session; particularly when they are under pressure. Driver Assess provides a superb space to practice; the motor car, every time the person drives. Many of the emotions that are spoken about in the coaching and mentoring sessions are played out every time the person drives, but at 120 kph!

The Driver Assess profiler and the behaviour change process can be used as a powerful tool in the coaching and mentoring context.

EQ Testing

Drivers Assess: Suitable for all drivers. Experienced, professional drivers and young adults who are learning to drive.

Most of us drive on auto-pilot and we are not consciously aware of and nor do we understand our sub-conscious high(er) risk driving behaviours that we repeat every time we are ‘triggered’ on the road.


Your children in the back seat of your motor car are not passive passengers. They are observing, listening to and absorbing every curse, rude gesture, aggressive act, emotion, act of anxiety and high risk behaviour you make.

Children are conditioned over 18 years to high levels of speed, aggression and a ‘rushing’ culture within an ‘in-car’ environment. Your children will probably drive just the way you sub-consciously taught them to.

Become conscious of your high(er) risk driving behaviours and change them, for your children and your grandchildren’s sake.

Guest Speaking

Keith has a variety of EQ focused driving talks that are topical, dispel commonly held myth’s about driving and drivers, and are focused on individuals or groups.

If the Driver Assess profiler is done prior to the talk, the session becomes even more relevant and powerful.


Keith offers an EQ focussed driver behaviour programme, linked to the Driver Assess profiler. It allows for specific, focussed and personalised change processes to be created for each driver; there is no longer a need for a generic, one size fits all road safety or Drivers Ed programme. Relevant for:
- All Companies;
- Schools and driving age teens;
- Schools and Teachers who drive busses;
- Government agencies.

Train the Trainer

Learn to de-brief the Driver Assess driver behaviour profiler and add value to your clients growth experience with you. This profiler can enable you to drive change through your business and with individual clients.

Children & Teens

Driver Assess – Teen’s who have their licences or who are learning to drive will benefit from knowing their high(er) risk driving behaviours; enable them to become the lower risk drivers of the near future.