Why does EQ matter in leadership? | 030

Why does EQ Matter in Leadership | Episode 26

Have you ever had a leader who …

  • talked a good game but couldn’t walk the talk?
  • was attached to control unable to delegate or wanted things done one way – their way?
  • a likeable, warm person who couldn’t face the tough conversations or hard stuff that was part of their position or role?
  • made you feel valuable and connected and helped your rise to reach closer to performing at your best?
  • was tuned in to you and your collegues, who had an ear to the ground and was connected and willing to hear what you brought to the teams vision?

What does it take to be a leader with emotional intelligence?

  • Self-awareness:
    • What are your motives? What drives you?
    • What are your non-verbal cues communicating?
    • Do you recognise your own patterns of thinking, feeling and acting?
    • Are your intentions and behaviours in alignment?
    • Do you know both your strengths and weaknesses?
    • Are you willing to acknowledge your own vulnerability with your team?
  • Awareness of other:
    • Do you recognise your impact on those around you?
    • Do your actions build or break connection?
    • Are you contributing to building a sense of safety and belonging with your team?
    • Do you have empathy?
    • Can you hold a person accountable without threating safety or connection?
    • Do the people in your team trust you?
  • Clarity of Purpose/Values:
    • Do you have clarity about your purpose and/or values? Does your team?
    • Does your awareness of purpose show up in your daily decision-making and priorities?
    • Does your team know how the team purpose influences their daily choices?
    • How do you keep your values in front of mind while going about life?

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