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What is Embodied Emotional Intelligence?  This is part one of five part series on EmBodying Emotional Intelligence. The body is how we experience emotions and so it provides a variety of opportunities to change patterns of thinking and feeling.

  • What you do with your mind affects your body.  What you do with your body affects your mind and emotions.
  • When you change how you move in your body (open our chest, strengthen your arms, create flexibility in your spine) often you will discover there is new space in your perspective or mindset.
  • Your body and its cells are always in one of two states:  either
    1. expansion, open, restorative, healing space or
    2. survival, closed, baton-down-the-hatches  – how you move can help shift you from one state to the other.
  • Different ways of moving with your bodies can build flexibility, flow, strength, mobility or stability and this practice can have the added benefit of cultivating these in your mindset, perspective and attitude.

Practices to support Embodying Emotional Intelligence

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  • Denise of Ageless Grace: TED-X Talk



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