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The Source by Richard Neave

Successful schools have discovered the secret to building self – sustaining fields of energy across all sectors of the school.

These schools are dynamic. They are constantly in motion. They are like the mystical ebb and flow of the ocean. Pupils, Teachers, Staff and parents full of self-belief and knowledge of the school, represent the powerful waves of kinetic energy, vertical and horizontal forces packed with the raw power of life giving oxygen and natural beauty.

Leaders in these schools imagine a school aura of great and endless ocean swells building and evolving into waves of irresistible strength and force throwing up challenges, ideas and infinite opportunity.

Thought leadership, trust and kindness flows through the heart, mind and spirit of people in these schools.

Together they make things happen. Ideas and actions from ground swell to the high tide mark, big and small, keep happening, one upon the other, in a multi directional and kinetic relationship, molecule upon molecule, lifting and driving every child, teacher and parent to be the best they can be.

Richard Neave, passionate educator and retired headmaster with 26 years at the helm of Durban Prepartory High School shares about the Dynamic Nature of Schools and what it takes to lead in an environment with so many different people, relationships and ideas.  Below Richard shares his writing in this piece called the Source and to hear it unpacked further listen to his podcast with Candice Dick.  This episode is also available on Stitcher or in Itunes.

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