Find Calm in the Chaos | Part 1 | 050

Find Calm in the Chaos part 1 of a 2 part series where Candice and Liz have a conversation of navigating different experiences of chaos in their own lives and how they find calm within that.  Which may look different at different times of life. 

Defining your chaos?

The definition of a calm, centering space changes for us as we travel through the different stages of life.

We might experience chaos through acts of crime, natural disasters, family dynamics or the loss of loved ones. Each situation requires a new level of awareness and intention.

In this episode we address the chaos that comes with the inevitability of loss, coming to terms with death/endings and the resulting new beginnings.


The power of choice

Living EQ gives us access to a space within that enables us to show up for those who are suffering, even when we ourselves are experiencing pain and fear over losing them. We don’t have to be victims to the stages of dying or letting go – we may not have a choice in dying but we can choose how to live each moment that we have left or choose how best to walk alongside others on their departing journey.

Even with a sad, broken heart, we can still feel full with compassion and gratitude.


The physical foundations that support our well being and calm

It helps to be intentional about our physical health in order to remain emotionally and mentally engaged. A body that isn’t sleep deprived or malnourished is better able to bring the cognitive brain to the present to make choices that best serve a situation.

How often are we stressed by things that don’t actually threaten our lives? The meaning and thoughts we attach to deadlines or bad traffic determines how the body perceives these situations and if we think things are stressful our body will react accordingly by releasing cortisol. So it is our own minds that are responsible for stress hormones pumping throughout our body, rather than the external situations we react to.


Remaining calm in life threatening situations that are real

How can we be present and not remain in a state of fear when we are aware of life threatening acts of crime happening around us?

We need to learn to trust the reality of the present moment and find a sense of safety in it. The best way to do this is to look at the beauty that exists around us, and the positivity present in our lives, in order to cultivate awareness around gratitude for what is.

The world is less scary when we can connect inwards rather than search for safety and security from unreliable and unstable external sources.

Reconnect with us in the next episode.  Join us for Part 2 of the Chaos in the Calm where we discuss tools that help us access our inner calm.


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