We are driven by our programming | Keith Cunningham | 018

Unconscious programs drive us in our cars and in our lives

Some of what is covered in this podcast conversation:

Unconscious programs drive our behaviour. This is both helpful at times and in certain places and not serving when it comes to patterns that don’t serve us.

  • When we become conscious of our programs we can change them.
  • Many of our programs are in place by the time we are 7 years old.
  • Our children are not passive passengers they are absorbing lessons of how to behave in the vehicle from the driver.

Bruce Lipton, shares that 95% of the time we are living from unconscious mind (patterns).

How to make changes in behaviour that don’t serve you:

  • Recognise and acknowledge & label what is going on for you. How are you feeling? What are you thinking?
  • Know where you want to go. What would I like the change to be? How would I like to drive/be/behaviour?
  • Be intentional and when you notice you’ve been unconscious celebrate that you notice instead of beating yourself up for falling into old patterns.
  • Be gentle. Change takes as long as it takes.


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