Top Parenting Lessons | Colleen Wilson | 012

Parent educator, Colleen Wilson, talks about the parenting lessons most real and applicable for her in her home today

What will be covered in this podcast conversation:

  • Teaching your familes values and modes-of-operating
  • Recognising that real learning and instilling values takes mindful repetition and long-term investement.
  • As parents we are the ONLY one resonspible for our own reactivity and navigating the state we are in.
  • Where a situation goes with our children depends entirely on how the adult in the situation reacts or responds.
  • Children and teens are NOT adults.  They are still learning, and it’s important to have realistic expecatations.
  • Age-appropriate struggle is valuable and important to prepare our children for life.
  • Use reference points of struggle, growth and success to support in new situations.
  • As adults, our relationship to our children’s struggle is pivotal to their lessons.  What are your feelings and thoughts in relations to your children’s experiences?