Podcast Introduction | What is Emotional Intelligence? | Candice Dick| 001

Welcome to the first episode of EQ Evolution podcast – Unpacking Emotional Intelligence, this as a resource to better understand Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Emotional Intelligence has been a passion of Candice Dick’s since she has seen the value it can add to lives.

“My own life has been deeply enhanced by understanding EQ and I have loved seeing leaders grow and get better at how they connect and follow-through with their teams.

I’ve seen children and teens grow in confidence and handle their anxiety and fear with more and more resilience and empowerment. I have seen parents enhance relationships through understanding this material.”

The podcast will offer lessons and interviews with the EQ Evoluton Experts who will take you on a journey into a deeper understanding of Emotional Intelligence and how to grow your own EQ.

In this episode Candice share’s a little of my own story and her take on what Emotional Intelligence is and why it can add value to your life.

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