My journey of healing my backpain | Dr Michelle Kew | 008

Dr Michelle Kew shares her story of healing.  Starting with ankle pain on a run in 2014 which led to a devasting diagnosis about her back in 2015.   The Diagnosis was she would be dealing with of a lifetime of backpain and discomfort.   Today she’s back running and feeling great in her body.  Listen to her journey and the awarenesss she’s gained that our mind, heart and body are more interconnected then is generally accepted and when we acknowledge and embrace that we can be more empowered in our own healing.

“Healing comes from changing.  Changing the way you thinking and changing the way you are BE-ing.”

Key Ideas Michelle shared:

  • Healing comes from movement / exercise.
  • Your beliefs can override your biology.
  • Forgiveness, letting-go, making peace all contributed to my healing journey.
  • Just starting to acknowledge what is going on for you, by writing things down, is important.
  • Your brain is so smart that it will choose a physical pain (that is most convincing to you) to distract you from your psychological pain.
  • Everytime you feel your pain or discomfort use it as a gauge for your emotions.  Stop thinking physical start thinking emotional & psychological.  “I know this is not physical. It’s psychological and emotional.”
  • I used meditation apps, and accepting what I was feeling helped make the discomfort become more managaeable.
  • It’s okay to feel uncomfortable.
  • Our bodies are more dynamic and flexible than we’ve been lead to believe.
  • To be careful what we think and be cautious when taking advice.
  • Face your fears! Fear needs to be dealt with as it can be the root of a lot of things you don’t want in your life.
  • I needed to change on the inside and now the pain is gone and I am more whole.

Links to information from Episode 8:

Dr Michelle Kew’s Chiro Practice:

Dr Bruce Lipton. The book Michelle spoke about is The Biology of Belief.

Dr John E. Sarno M.D:  was Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, New York University School of Medicine, and attending physician at the Howard A. Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, New York University Medical Center.

The Divided Mind (published 2007)

Meditation App: Headspace

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