“It is not the answer than enlightens but the question.” – Eugène Ionesco

“It is not the answer than enlightens but the question.” – Eugène Ionesco

The beauty of quality questions is that they allow you to learn from where you are. The brain learns through associations of what we know. By posing questions you allow each person to gather information from where they are at.

One of the greatest gifts I took away from Singapore’s Six Second EQ Certification is the new value and appreciation I have for questions as a tool for learning. What delighted me was the amount I learnt from the wisdom shared by others attending the course, and hearing my own thoughts articulated. Both of these were discovered or perhaps exposed because of questions – well thought out and perfectly timed.

Is there a question you could ask yourself that could transform your life? What would you like your legacy to be? What character traits do you admire most in your role model? What could you do to make a change? How badly do you want to see change?
Curiosity is what sparks our imagination, and creates inspiration. Through questions we can build awareness of ourselves and the world around us.

ArtScience Museum, Singapore
While visiting the ArtScience Museum, Marine Parade, Singapore, I was blown away by two floors of the museum. These really got me thinking. How? By posing interesting questions.

Are the artistic and scientific processes really so different? What possibilities arise from merging the two? Perhaps it is this remarkable gift – our ability to ponder the human condition – that ignites creativity in all its forms?

‘Why does the eye see a thing more clearly in dreams than in the imagination when awake?’- Leonardo Da Vinci

I was engaged, interested, connecting everything I saw to my own thoughts. Who would I be if I could take these quality questions with me into the world? For now I’ve chosen to focus on this question ‘How can I celebrate the possibility within people?’