Reflecting before Goal Setting | Candice Dick | 017

Reflection, as a process, is a powerful way to make sense of our experiences, to integrate our brain.  With reflection moving forward can become easier and the past begins to make sense in new and richer ways. 

7 Questions to use to reflect on 2017

  1. What am I grateful for?
  2. What worked or worked really well this year?
  3. What am I proud of?
  4. What victories are worth celebrating from this year?
  5. What are key lesson’s I can take away from this year?
  6. What or where I would have liked to done better?
  7. What regrets do I have?

3 Tips for Goal-Setting after reflecting

  1. Are you too optimistic in your goal setting?
  2. Do your goals lack clarity? How can you hold yourself accountable?

  3. What emotional state would you like to experience more this year?