Why the Six Seconds EQ Certification?

Why the Six Seconds EQ Certification?

As a teacher, who loves teaching I was actively seeking solutions to what felt like an outdated education system. I kept thinking the system of hitting as a discipline had been removed but the only replacement was the punishment there was very little new mindset. Through a serendipitous journey I found Emotional Intelligence (EQ). It offered a new way of thinking. The best teachers I’d always admired, Coach Wooden, Marva Collins, Ralph Esquith had actually been teaching many aspects of EQ for decades.

I wanted to study further. I have made the error of rushing into things in the past I was determined to not do this here. I researched extensively to decide where the best place was to study EQ. After a lot of Googling and discussion I realised that 6 Seconds was my place of choice. Looking back, it was actually an easy choice, here is how I made that choice.

I found an article that included a quote by Josh Freedman about the tools for self-mastery. Self-mastery – the term and all it entails jumped out at me and I felt something in me go ‘That’s it! That’s what I’m looking for’. I recognised this as something I knew I didn’t have but that I’d very much like to have. For me this was my introduction to 6 Seconds, the not-for-profit that Josh Freedman represented. As I went through the material, I was really impressed with what I found.

Six Seconds Philosophy
Six Seconds was born out of one of the first EQ school curriculums (Self-Science) in the world. Their teaching background means they embrace whole-braining learning and focus on not just what, but how they teach. This mattered to me as someone passionate about education and learning. They clearly felt the same way I do.
They stated their philosophy which underlines all they do.

  1. The Wisdom Lies Within
  2. No way is THE way
  3. The process is the content
  4. 1,2,3…Pasta!!
  5. Fish don’t talk about water

I didn’t even understand all these at the time but I knew that I wanted to study with a company that understood we don’t all learn things the same way or have to walk the same path to implement them. This together with their history of teaching this material for over twenty years meant I signed-up paid the money and jetted off to Singapore to learn.

I have gained more than I would have believed possible from my EQ Certification with 6 Seconds. The greatest has been the understanding of myself and through that the beginning of understanding others better too. The power of sharing this with others has been to see them discover the information for themselves and carrying it forward to make powerful changes in how they deal with people and so their families, their teams and their companies. The impact is magnificent.

Bringing 6 Seconds, EQ Certification to South Africa
I’m so excited to be part of bringing this amazing company and training to South Africa. My mother is signed up to do it after she has witnessed the changes and power of the work first hand. Avril, who is co-host in bringing 6 Seconds to South Africa can’t wait for the training. She already has clients booked who want her to spread what she learns. I keep finding that I’m not “selling” this work. What I realize is that for me, someone who was at peace about this it’s a no-brainer. I did the research and I’ve now seen the ‘magic’ of it at work and so I feel that there is hardly a company, individual or trainer who wouldn’t benefit from this EQ Certification. Either in terms of the valuable material, the way it’s delivered and the way in which you can take it away and make it your own.

International Accreditation
I’ve talked about the change, but I haven’t talked about the fact that this EQ Course that we are bringing to South Africa is five days – and the trainer will be flying in from Dubai. So besides the training and the insight; those who complete the course and its required follow-up steps, get an internationally recognised accreditation to an organisation that is a leader in its field worldwide.

EQ, and especially EQ as presented in the simple Six Seconds model, I believe, is part of the solution to many of the challenges in business, society and our individual lives today.