The is the long walk to healing

Long Walk to Healing Poem

As the sun rises on what appears to be another ordinary day, 

The bruises and scars on our South African hearts and psyches are not immediately obvious 

And yet there is no doubt there is a wounding, a shell-shock, a ache for every human who knows we are no longer the South Africa we were and yet we are now unclear on the South Africa we are becoming. 

Hearts are aching for the false peace we lived in previously. 

Our eyes must now adjust to the truth many of us knew deep in our hearts that our peace was fake.  That hiding beneath the brittle and crime-ridden peace of our daily lives is the wide-spread rampant infection of hopelessness, systematic disempowerment and the smouldering of burning talent and futures who long for opportunity, to add value to contribute toward something and yet all that appears to lie ahead is hungry and hopelessness.

This prayer is for all of those who are choosing unrest, violence, looting and following greedy leaders who can offer action, purpose and something different even if it is a road leading to further suffering and pain. 

This prayer is also for all those who can easily access plans for the future, who do have an income, who do have options. People whose hearts are planted deep in South Africa’s soil with a love the people of this country with all their diversity, vibrance, pain and joy. It is for people who are now sitting in fear for their on-going safety and are turning to explore what and where the best future is for them and their family here or in a foreign lands. 

Today’s prayer always is surrounded by the desire for healing, for hope, for light for everyone in our country. We place all this pain, confusion, manipulation, hopelessness and sorrow into the arms of the divine creator so it might be used for love and light and truth and change for good.  

This is the long walk to healing.

The spirit of oneness is calling.

If I am hurting, you are hurting.

If I am healing, you are healing.

It is together that we become whole.