Shift Repetitive Patterns | Episode 54

 Exploring the importance of becoming aware of the connection between our thoughts, feelings and actions and how to shfit these repetitive patterns connected to them.

The Benefits of Pattern Recognition

When we recognise patterns of feeling, thinking and acting within ourselves we have greater capacity for choice. We can harness the power of the positive patterns that serve us, or begin to shift the patterns that don’t serve positive personal growth.

Feeling ‘stuck’ or repetitively frustrated in an area of your life  or your life as a whole can be a sign that you are perpetuating patterns that prevent you from making chages. Once we start to recognise patterns we open the door that leads us to flow towards change with more ease.

Patterns that sit in our blindspots are difficult to change. Patterns can be developed as far back as early childhood, during times of stress where we instinctively turned to survival skills to protect ourselves, resulting in behavioural patterns that served us at the time but currently inhibit our growth state.

Important points to remember when exploring your patterns:

  1. In developing an awareness around our personal patterns it is important to approach situations with a curious mind rather than the critical parent mindset (want to know more about the critical parent listen to Episode 53).
  2. It’s necessary to develop emotional literacy so that we can label feelings and understand them in order to place ourselves in a position to change them. Episode 3 offers a deeper dive into Emotional Literacy and has a downloadable emotion list. We also need to be able to see our thinking (Mindsigt is the term Dan Siegal uses).
  3. It’s important to pay attention to both positive and negative patterns. Noticing when we feel good because of our actions can serve as good motivation to achieve bigger or more long term goals.

3 methods to use to reflect and uncover patterns:

  1. Byron Katie’s “The Work”
  2. Video Observation Exercise
  3. When ______ I ________ .
Download the Pattern Recognition Journal Exercises here

Our Pattern Recognition workbook are a great way for you to dive into your patterns. When you download the workbook and write an honest review on the EQ Evolution Facebook page you will be entered into our draw to win a group coaching call with Candice Dick.

In order to change unhelpufl behaviour patterns you have to be willing to seek truth in yourself and allow yourself to see that truth for what it is. To recognise and accept yourself as whole complex human beings that are imperfect. When you realise we are good enough with your flaws, it allows you to move with more ease, gratitude and joy, meaning you are more capable to work on your flaws without feeling unworthy in situations that also make you feel vulnerable.

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