Reflections: Research on your life | 73

Hosts Liz and Candice put on self-love glasses and use reflection as research on your life. What lessons have you learnt throughout 2019. 

They share lessons on:

  • Meditation
  • Gut Instinct
  • Exercise


03:37 What are the key things that you’ve learned during the year?


  • Liz: A big theme and what I’ve learned is simplicity, being clear around what I need physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and acknowledging how our emotional feedback is a doorway into understanding each of those spaces.
  • Candice: “Meditate More” definitely changes the energy I bring to things, changes my emotional state, reduces my reactivity. It’s definitely been one of my themes for this year’s lessons. 

06:25 Liz and Candice unpack Meditation

We tend to put it into one framework — that it means one has to be sitting somewhere quietly with your eyes closed.

  • Liz: For me, it can be moving. It’s more of a space and a connectedness to the vastness and the quietness of being.
  • Candice: It doesn’t matter what it is if it creates connection. 

Reflect: Where does your meditation sit? What does it take for you to recognize: 

  1. that it connects you to a stillness, and 
  2. that you feel more connected to the entire world around us.
09:15 Small incremental things over the long term have a big impact

While you might not have met your expectations, while you feel you might not have done enough, acknowledge the little you’ve done.

Reflect: Where are the places that you are not giving yourself credit?

14:56 Reflection is not about criticism or judgment

The pace of life has meant we’re always on the road to somewhere, busy trying to get to the next destination. And at the end of the year, there’s often that pressure of “Well, I haven’t gotten to where I thought I should have got to.” This way of reflecting is not meant to generate that kind of anxiety.


15:52 Lessons on gut instinct and “Eat Well”
  • Liz: Eat Well has been an interesting awareness around digesting life and realizing how powerful the gut is. Not only from a point of view of its ability to digest food but also how it impacts on our heart and our head and how, when things are out of kilter at a gut level, it separates us from feeling safe in the world because that part of our body is very much about our sense of being okay in the world and being grounded. 


Reflect: What is your own relationship to food, to consumption, to rest, to really consider your body and your well being in terms of the physical aspects of your health? 


19:01 Lessons on movement – Move More
  • Liz: With regard to Move More, “sitting is the new smoking” in terms of the detrimental impact that it has on our well being. 

There are only 356 half-hours in a week. And we just need to be moving for five of them. 

20:21 Are you connecting in a way that is filling you up?

  • Candice: We humans forget we are herd creatures. Being around people is good for our heart, our soul, our well being. It elevates our emotions. 


22:23 What are your triggers?

  • Candice: Where are those places you’re feeling angry, you are reactive?


  • Really pause and get still. 
  • Become aware of what you value, what’s important to you. 
  • Notice the dots between what you’re feeling, what you’re thinking, your actions.
  • Notice what choices you did make and what choices you would have preferred to make going forward. 
  • Imagine you’ve made the choice and notice how that feels. Does it feel heavy or light, contracted or expanded? Then run another choice through your body. How does that feel?


26:35 Note the valuable experiences of 2019 and weave them into 2020
  • Candice: Note the experiences, places, activities that set your heart on fire, find the things that have added value to your life. Note them down so you can intentionally weave more of that into your 2020.


27:11  How changing your perception of something can change the energy and intention you bring to it


29:17  Liz reads a beautiful poem, To Life by Di Smith


Life is continuity. 

Always and always. 

Moment by moment. 

Our journey in itself is life. 


Rising well before dawn, I step outside. 

Look up at the moon. 

She is sailing through a sea of clouds, 

Her silver light a halo over the earth. 


In awe, I marvel at the beauty of the world. 

The I, the Me, a tiny droplet in the ocean of life. 

Let it be, let it be,

Live in the now. 


This very moment is the sacred place, 

and the next and the next, 

Drop the longing, 

live from the heart, 


Move joyously. 

A life of gratitude, 

loving openly, being deeply loved in return 

a singing heart dancing to the music of life. 


Reflect: If you want to be creative in that space, consider drawing a picture, writing a poem. What authentic way can you create 2019’s farewell?



  • “I think it’s hugely freeing to realize that meditation doesn’t only happen on a cushion with an “uhm”. Liz
  • “One of the lessons which I’ve always valued is tiny incremental things over the long term have a big impact.” Candice
  • “We humans forget we are herd creatures. Being around people is good for our heart, our soul, our well being. It elevates our emotions.” Candice


Resources Mentioned

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Books Mentioned: 

Charge and the Energy Body by Anodea Judith

A Lighter Way of Being by Di Smith

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