Leadership’s First Commandment – Know Thyself!

Leadership’s first commandment- Know Thyself! – Harvard Business Review 

The greatest joy of discovering material on Emotional Intelligence has been the realisation that most of the answers I need I actually know. The journey is discoverying my truths and applying it is the way of learning it.

One of the privileges of living in the 21st Century has to be the numerous tools that make information, skills and the sharing of ideas more accessible than ever before. However, to transfer this knowledge from potential power to real power is all about application.

So why, when I know junk food isn’t good for me, do I continue to eat it?

Why, when I know it’s in my best interest to not lose my temper, do I still get so angry?

Why, when I know all the benefits of exercise, both for the body, heart and brain, do I not exercise daily?

I have loved discovering the incredible truth that that I have to look deep inside and discover the truth of my heart. Because if something isn’t happening in my life, then somewhere within me I am resisting, sabotaging or believing that this thought/story is not true for me.

The Work by Byron Katie has been my greatest tool in unlocking the secrets of myself. A friend explained it so well, ‘it is not easy when you’re inside the bottle to read what the label says on the outside’ and, for me, that is so true. The Work has been my best tool for self-discovery. By giving myself the freedom to write down my thoughts about everyone else on paper, I discover my own confused thinking and old patterns and within that process I found the medicine I most need.
Observe all men; thy self most. —Benjamin Franklin

If you want to know more about Byron Katie’s work it is FREELY available on her website. Click here to find out more about the work.