Kind equals Smart | 016

Kind equals smart.  Is it true? Does kind equal smart?  Such a simple statemetn it’s almost child-like and yet there is so much more behind it.

Many people assume that kindness especially in times of conflict, disagreement or opposing points of view is a form of weakness.  What is gained by reaching for kindness no matter what is going on?

In this podcast espisode (14 minutes) Candice Dick shares how when we turn to Tom Roth’s & Carol McCloud’s metaphor of bucket-filling we discover that we are most deeply blessed and filled (in thinking and feeling) when we reach out to others and offer kindness, compassion and support.  And many times that means offering that same bucket-filling behaviour toward ourselves.

We are more connected than most people suspect and our kindness (or not) sends ripples that reach beyond those we touch to many others. Kind equals smart.  Test the concept and see the results in your life, your family, your office!

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