Grow your Empathy skills – Part 1 | 70

Candice Dick unpacks Empathy and gives a few exercises to grow your empathy muscle. Being offered empathy and by telling our story, we are transformed in many ways. Empathy is an act of love. It’s an act of Agarpa love. It’s something bigger than ourselves and it requires stepping outside of our ego and really, finding a more generous space in ourselves. And as we gift that to others, we gift it to ourselves.

Today we talking about empathy and what it is. We’re going to chat and explore how to build that muscle specifically around empathy with others. Then next episode we’re going to look at applying empathy to ourselves. So what exactly is empathy? So empathy is the experience of sitting with or being present to somebodies experience. It’s allowing without judgment, without needing to be right or correct or to advice. To really just be present to someone’s life experience. This can be something verbal they’re sharing or it can be something they are going through. That the experience asks for empathy means we have to be willing to be in uncomfortable spaces. Because with empathy int those uncomfortable space it is often in those places where we want to fix things.

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