EQ the Building Blocks of Happiness

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) the Building Blocks of Happiness

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of speaking about Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Skills for children and teens at Books & Books, Kensington Square, Durban. How wonderful to share a few of the learnable, teachable skills of EQ with caring parents and teachers. Much of what happens to us in life is outside of our control, so I love being able to pass on tools and skills that can help children or adults invest in their own happiness. I share with you a TED-talk I received today. It gives a few easy tips on how to increase happiness and also offers great insights into how simple skills like optimism, gratitude and kindness can have a profound impact on our brains, states of mind and ultimately our success in life.

This just further inspires me to explore the inner landscape of my mind and heart because, in my experience, as I discover my own truths within, the impact on the landscape of my life is so profound. Happy watching!