Emotionally Safe Schools & Personal Leadership | 011

What is covered in this podcast on Emotionally Safe Schools:

  • A few benefits in investing in growing your emotional intelligence.
  • Understanding what emotionally safe classrooms look like.
  • Teachers as guides instead of policeman.
  • Shifts from rules & regulations toward values and agreements.
  • How the outdoor classroom can be used as a way to grow teens personal leadership and emotional intelligence.

A few benefits to growing Emotional Intelligence:

  • Understand where people are coming from. How are you interrupting others behaviour?
  • What am I contributing or bringing to the situation in front of me?
  • What are the implications of our choices?  The costs and benefits both immediate and long-term.
  • Long-term intrinsic motivation built on character instead of compliance.

Why it’s important to be an Emotionally Safe School?

  • Human’s are emotional beings and our emotions are continually impacting those around us.
  • Teacher impact the creation of either an emotionally safe classroom. Are you aware of how you or your teachers are impacting learners?
  • If a child does not feel emotionally safe it doesn’t matter what world classs facilities a school has it is challenging for a child to learn. Neuroscience shows that safety is needed for the brain to optimise learning.
  • If an educator does not feel emotionally safe it can be tough to create a safe space for learning.

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