Develop Emotional Intelligence in children (EQ).

Develop your child’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

I often get asked about EQ for children or parents. So I’ve put together a brief list to help anyone interested in researching the topic further or looking for material to help develop emotional intelligence in children.

centreJosh Freedman, considered one of the top EQ speciailist in the world was a teacher and has young children so he has a number of great blog posts. This is one of them that I find particularly useful:
Getting off the Trouble Train, and a great introduction to EQ for Kids is: Smater About Feelings

Then an old favourite of mine is Polly Young-Eisendrath and her book The Self-Esteem Trap, it was my own introduction to EQ. Her website has a great write up about the book,The Self-Esteem Trap and a workbook for parents to work through alone or with a group.

Another book that was written pre-emotional intelligence days is Marva Collins, Values Lighting the Candle of Excellence. however the material is most EQ and has some simple but very useful information.

Then the Six Seconds store has a wide range of tools and material from books and courses, games as well as various emotions cards (these are a favourite of mine, I carry a set of Mixed emotions in my handbag). This store is a great source for anyone interested in EQ.

A final resource is the Feelez which has a wonderful emotion chart and cards and beautiful A4 pictures of colour in for children. Emotional Literacy really is the way to begin growing emotional intelligence and these types of tools really help.

Please let me know if you find this useful? Please also share if you have any links information of value to share around the topic of EQ.

  1. Another resource that I forgot to mention was Robin has some incredible material worth checking out. Enjoy!

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