Crushing Criticism |025

How do you respond to criticism?

  • Do you take criticism personally? Does it feel like an attack on your identity?
  • Do you ignore anything negative that anyone has to say?
  • Do you mine criticism for the value or truth or how it may serve your life?

Identity, Actions and Outcomes are seperate things:

  • Do you recognise that your identity (your human value and respect) is independent of your worthiness?
  • Are you taking any criticism as an attack on your identity?

Who is speaking into your life?

  • What is their relationship to you?
  • What are their motives and intentions?
  • Do they have your best interests at heart?
  • How might your life change or add value if you integrated their feedback?
  • Can you get feedback from those in your circle of trust if what is shared is in any way true?

Do you have a growth mindset? 

  • Do you believe that change and grow are possible?
  • Are you able to live to learn, grow and experience and not just be successful?
  • What more could you learn about yourself if you look honestly at the feedback without taking it personally?

Your reaction can be a doorway?

  • Are you triggered by a certain comment?
  • Is there something there?
  • Are you reacting from the present or the past?
  • What value might you find if you were able to open up or be curious about the criticism?

Criticism Summary Questions:

  1. Who is the criticism coming from?
  2. Do I think it’s valid?  If it’s hard to engage with?  Why?
  3. What might the outcome be if I could learn from this or take it on board?  Is it worthy of consideration?

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