Being Present: Navigating the Overwhelm of Life from a Proactive Space

How present are you to what’s going on in your life? With things heating up, it’s easy to get caught in your head, in your past, in your patterns, things that take you away from being present.

In this episode, Liz and Candice talk about being intentional about how we lead our lives.

They share: 

  • How our physical body can become addicted to emotional patterns
  • How being present frees up energy and moves you away from a place of reactivity
  • Mind mapping and other activities that can help you be present


01:15 The heat is on

Liz: The heat is on metaphorically and in reality. It’s the hottest time of the year for us, seasonally. Also, with the change of season into a new year and a sense of getting things started, it feels like everything’s hotting up, and the rhythm isn’t there.

Candice: It’s almost like too many balls are being thrown at us from different directions and the way we’re used to things being, it just isn’t the same and it’s continually not the same.


03:20 Navigating the sense of chaos

Candice: There is a sense of chaos around us, undulating between extremes, which appears to be the new normal.

Liz: So instead of us sinking into that feeling of being overwhelmed by it, my sense is that it’s about being able to recognize it quickly and then moving into a space of being intentional around how one takes the next step.

Candice: When we’re able to get present, when we’re able to recognize the patterns and our triggers and that we’re in reactivity, we really begin to change what’s going on around us.


04:28 Our physical body is more comfortable with old patterns

Candice: In Joe Dispenza’s terminology, our body actually becomes addicted to our emotional patterns. We literally crave the stress hormones or the worry hormones or the chemicals that are created when we are angry. And when we start to step away from that, there’s almost a revolution.

Liz shares how she addressed feeling neglected on her birthday [05:58]  


09:20 How emotions affect us physically

Candice: We think of ourselves as thinking beings — we’re educated, we’re logical — and the emotions aren’t very respected.

Liz: And yet, at the root of it all, we are energetic beings. And I don’t think we are present enough with that. 

The opportunity exists for us to apply the same amount of self-care that we do around awareness of our emotions to the awareness of just simply how we are feeling in our own skin energetically.

What does that feel like? Can one describe it? And the emotions go some way to helping us describe that. 

Candice: The more we can recognize that in ourselves, we can recognize when our energy is low, when it’s full. It also really helps us, when we get present, to connect to where our joy and our energy generation happens.


11:56 Be present: Where our attention goes is where our energy flows


Candice: When we start to train ourselves to get present, to notice where our mind is in our inner world and start to bring it back, we become charged. We now can start to free up our energy to be present where we’re at.

How mind mapping helps Liz be present in her body [14:35]  

Liz: I’ve always found that, rather than making a list which I seem to not be able to do because then it means I’m supposed to prioritize and put number one first, I like to just dump it onto paper in a mind map format because, then, I don’t have to hold on to it in my head. And it’s incredible how much energy that gives me. 

And the process of Mind Mapping also means that I actually need to be present and in my body. 


16:01 Does being present mean not planning for the future?

17:11 Physical activities to help you get grounded

18:42 Key takeaway – How present are you to what’s going on?  

Liz: Our actions and what we deliver from a place of fear are our habits and our patterns because it’s not conscious, so our body kicks in and our contribution then becomes from the past. 

Whereas when we can center, ground, align, shift our energy and our heart and mind into a space of coherence, […] what we can offer is so different.


  • “The opportunity exists for us to apply the same amount of self-care that we do around awareness of our emotions to the awareness of just simply how we are feeling in our own skin energetically.”
  • “Our only point of real power is this moment.”
  • EQ is the plate on which we live life. It is not something you get to tick off. It is a lifelong journey whether or not you’re on it consciously.


  • The heaviest weight is an unwritten letter – Unknown source.  In the podcast Candice accredited it to Mark Twain and we have not been able to verify that. 


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HeartMath Institute

Books Mentioned

Charge and the Energy Body by Anodea Judith

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