Becoming Unstuck: Shift emotions that hold you back in selling / life

There are some things you desire in our lives, and yet you can’t seem to change or take action to get what it is you want. You keep saying you want it, but our actions and behaviors don’t necessarily reflect it.  You appear stuck, what does it take to become unstuck and shift the emotions that hold you back.


For Candice, her area of stuckness is selling. In this episode, she:

  • takes us through her relationship with sales and marketing.

  • shows how she’s identified the emotions and stories around the situation,

  • shows what actions she’s taking to overcome her difficulty with selling.




01:49 Identify what you find hard to do – Candice finds it difficult to sell and she explores why

Candice explores why she didn’t have issues selling when she worked for a charity and why she has issues selling now [02:22]

05:28 Exercise — Where in your life do you wish you stepped up more?

  • Is there somewhere you wish you stepped up more? Somewhere that might feel a little bit scary, something that might yield benefits and rewards towards you that you feel unworthy of, some space where, if you stepped into that space and you earned it and you were really good at it, your life would be transformed for it?

06:44 What stories are you telling yourself about your situation?

  • “If we are going to explore deeper into looking at our areas of stuck, it’s important to recognize what story we are telling ourselves because nothing in the world has any meaning except the meaning we give it.

Consider the situation [10:56]:
  • Who are you in the situation that you are challenged by? What is the story you have about yourself?

  • What do you think you will either challenge or no longer be if you step out and attempt this?

  • Who are you trying to live into that forces you to not have the freedom to move to new places?

13:09 What emotions do you experience around this area of stuckness?

15:00 How do you feel when you engage with this area of change?

  • “It’s worth finding out what you think other people are thinking about your choices, your changes. That’s another way to sneak into some blind spots and reveal some stories that are holding us back and start to push them back.”

18:01 Time to step out of your comfort zone and take action

“If you really walk in the shoes of yourself living a different choice, when you do it in your mind and you repeat it with the emotions numerous times, actions will automatically flow from it.”

  • “It can be a small step, but take some action that helps you begin to step into new versions of yourself.”

19:41 Candice takes the first action step to tackle her fear of selling

The Nature of Emotion cards [19:52]

    • “I have seen emotion lists and cards make such a difference in how people have conversations, in how reflection evolves and changes.”

    • “The connection of nature and emotions is what the Nature of Emotions is. It’s a collection of cards, and each card is a beautiful photograph of nature. And then it’s got some emotion words.”

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23:51 3-part live webinar to look at awareness, attention, and intention

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Starfish Charity

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