Approval has owned me.

Approval has owned me.

I have felt the manipulation.

Seeking belonging I betrayed myself.

I ached for community: an inner circle

See my heart! Recognise my soul! Welcome me home!

This desire has owned me.

You have owned me.

I have disowned my own soul in the process of longing to be found.

Your approval the signposts

Societies voice ruling

The quiet whisper within drowned out.

Deeply lonely with a yearning for you to stamp me – APPROVED SUCCESS

I abandon who I am.

Ignore the heart.

Your praise elevates my efforts towards

what it is you want.

No more!

I long for freedom.

To unlock the cage of effort.

The worship of what you praise.

Life is full and rich and varied.

And I long to express all of life.

All of who I am.

Beyond your boundaries

Where approval has no meaning.

I can become what I am.

All of who I am.