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Resistance to Changing Driving Behaviour | 014

By: Keith Cunningham
4th December 2017

Keith Cunningham, is an Emotional Intelligence facilitator and owner of Driver Assess and has experienced how resistant people can be to change – especially when it comes to driving.  People want safer roads but still remain resist to reviewing their own driving behaviour.  What follows is a fascinating conversation about driving as a social acitivity, what makes our nature resistant to change and offers an opportunbity to take a Free Quiz to assess your behaviors in your car

During this podcast (changing driving behaviour Keith covers some of the following :

  • Are you able to identify resistance within yourself to making changes in driving?
  • Our driving choices are often linked to deep-seated unconscious patterns.
  • Driving is a social activity.
  • When we take care of each other on the road we all benefit: more flow, we move quicker with less stress.
  • Small changes we make can ripple and impact other areas of our driving experience.
  • Our relationships with family and friends can often mean we cannot hear valid or valuable feedback because of whose giving it or how it’s being delivered.
  • Behavior’s that come out of our emotions or feelings are often the cause of problems on the road NOT our driving competency.
  • Nobody else can change our emotions except us.
  • Our EGO’s don’t want to be labeled dangerous or unsafe drivers.
  • Most of us aren’t high-risk drivers and assessments can help us identify the few areas we may be able to improve in.
  • Take patterns from unconscious to awareness and then you have choice to begin making change.


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One response to “Resistance to Changing Driving Behaviour | 014

  1. Very interesting Podcast.

    I would like to add the following topics and opinions to your podcast.

    It’s very interesting that certain driving habits are inherited by drivers from the same area. To give an example. Some drivers from the same suburb not stopping at a certain stop street because they see other drivers are doing it as well. Also when a taxi passes on a yellow line, other drivers will result in doing the same.

    If you stop next to the road and observe how people move in gridlock traffic, those who tend to changes lanes often cause a back buildup also slow down momentum from their point backward. Should everyone stay in their lanes I feel less traffic buildup would occur.

    Lastly, following distance in South Africa is seen as a “gap”. It is extremely dangerous pushing into someone else’s following distance at high speed as anything can happen ahead once you move into that safe space. This will result in not enough stopping distance for the vehicle who you have cut off and normally results in traffic pileups.

    Very interesting Podcast and ill be sure to visit your blog soon!

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