Frequently Asked Questions

Searching for answers? We’ve put together some useful information on EQ and how to use the EQ Evolution site.


How do I choose an expert?

To find the right EQ Expert for you you can search in a variety of ways:

  • by geographic area
  • by area of expertise (family, organisations, schools or life).
  • by specific EQ service
  • by browsing the experts profiles and then following your intuition.  Who gives you a sense of trust and confidence?
  • by browsing profiles and seeing what the testimonials have to say
  • by going to the EQ Calendar of events and see what public events are available

It may be a good idea to contact a couple of people and get a sense of who you connect with and who will meet your needs. Emotional Intelligence, when applied well has the ability to transform what we know and desire within ourselves and make that a lived experience. It really is a journey worth taking. Perhaps a little preemptive but congratulations on finding someone to walk alongside you as you embark on a journey into the inner world of hearts and minds.

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How do I buy a product?

We not an e-commerce site, all products have links on the page and so all the product pages will link you directly with the supplier/seller/maker of the product you’re interested in.

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What happens if I like an EQ Expert that doesn’t live near me?

If a certain expert really resonates with you contact (contact page link) them. It’s worth having a conversation with them as some of them travel to offer workshops, many of the assessments are done online and they may offer Skype sessions.

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How can I become an EQ Expert?

1. Are you looking to train or study EQ to teach others?
If you’d like to train in EQ to teach others, we have a page called train-the-trainer that offers upcoming courses happening locally.

2. Are you wanting to join the EQ Expert panel on EQ Evolution?
Fill out our contact form and in the message section section please include your qualifications, background and how you work with EQ intelligence.

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How can I get an EQ assessment or test?

EQ tests and assessments are a good way to take a photograph of where you are as an individual the assessment can evaluate whole your teams or organisational culture’s EQ.

EQ assessments  and more information is available on the EQ testing page.

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How do I contact EQ Evolution or the EQ Experts?

Each EQ Expert’s information is listed on their profiles, or they can be contacted through our contact form.

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