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Contemporary Parenting Course

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Makaranga Garden Lodge, Kloof

About The Event

This Contemporary Parenting 4-part course will bring lasting positive changes. There is no need to feel so lost in the parenting space. You, the parent, have the power to lead and create the peace you seek in your family.

What we cover in our course:

Module 1: Wide-Awake Parenting: The science & practice of being present and aware.

Module 2: Emotional Intelligence: How to grow an emotionally intelligent family.

Module 3: Tricky Behavious: Tantrums, Defiance and Rebellion. What drives behaviour and how to handle it.

Module 4: Parenting Awareness: The secrets of lasting change.

We understand the challenges of parenting, especially in today’s world. It can be really tough. We get it. We empower you the parent with insights and experiential learning to create enriching change in your home. It doesn’t have to be so hard.

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This course has literally changed my life. Since doing this – I can’t believe the difference in our home. This course is worth every cent. It’s seriously a game-changer.

- Jessica

This works! I am the proof and so is the change in our family and home environment.

- Yael
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