Children & Teens

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for children and teens

In today’s world children, teens and young adults are faced with a myriad of challenges – the bombardment of media and distractions results in an expectation of instant gratification, lack of human connection as pixels take priority over people.   This compounds the age-old human struggles of sibling rivalry, bullying, a need for acceptance and belonging.  Without the skills to navigate these demands, a child’s confidence, ability to focus and feel safe is impacted. Emotions become a challenge resulting in explosive behaviour or emotional avoidance through suppression.

A well-developed emotional intelligence, research has shown, impacts positively on relationship quality, good health, life satisfaction, self-efficacy and personal achievement.  Emotional Intelligence helps us to understand other people, our reactions and ourselves.  Developing this emotional awareness is the foundation of a healthy Emotional Quotient (EQ).  EQ is essential in helping children become confident, responsible, and successful adults who navigate skillfully through life and their interpersonal relationships.

Find and EQ Expert who works with children and youth offering EQ Classes, one-on-one mentoring for schools, find Social Emotional Learning workshops or talks.  EQ or Social Emotional Learning is essential in supporting children become confident, accountable and successful human beings.