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Understand Anger Audio & Workbook Download

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Understand Anger Audio & Workbook Download

If is absolutely no fun for anyone when anger is out of control.  If you are wanting to understand anger better and learn to express it in a more constructive manner or support someone you care about in learning to navigate their own anger then you’ve found yourself in the right place.

Parent Educators, Candice Dick and Colleen Wilson have trained hundred’s of parents and educators in brain science, emotional intelligence and the science of relationship.  They hear repeatedly that Anger is one of the key emotions parents, educators and children experience challenges with.  They have created this product as a way to help anyone get clear on why Anger is happening and ways to relate to it constructively.



Product Specs

The product includes:

  • 10 Audio Tracks (3 – 13 minutes long) delivering powerful information and exercise in an accessible way.
  • A guided visualisation
  • A PDF Anger Summary of all the key points, questions and exercises to make the information easily accessible whenever you need it.

The Understand Anger Pack includes information on:

  1. Anger as an emotion.
  2. What is going on in our bodies when we experience anger.
  3. What anger is trying to tell us.
  4. How to recognise our patterns and triggers around anger
  5. Alternative ways to express and process anger.
Product Instructions
Our Understanding Emotion series are bite size audio clips (with pdf summary notes & exercises) that put valuable information into an easily digestible format.