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    Feeling Bodies
    Feeling Bodies
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    My son was so fearful, anxious and even jumpy, and was also doing badly at school. I received a set of Feeling Bodies and spoke to him about how he was feeling daily.

    After using these magnets, my son did so incredibly well last term. The magnets are up on the fridge and we still continue to use them every day. They have been the best thing for my son.

    - Ntombi, Mother of 1
    Feeling Bodies

    Feeling Bodies are emotion magnets that help kids identify and express their feelings which, can reduce the intensity of big emotions like anxiety, anger, frustration and dissapointment. These Feeling Bodies are non stereotypical, friendly for all ages, not language dependant, and grow awareness and emotions that are expressed throughout our bodies and not just on our faces.

    Knowing what we feel (emotional literacy) is the foundation for developing Emotional Intelligence.  Feeling bodies used regularly can support children and teens to discover what they would like to feel; improve concious choices, and grow empathy.

    They are not literacy dependant and are friendly for all ages.

    Included is a brochure to with guiding questions and information to assist adults and children explore the world of emotions.

    Product Specs


    • 20 EXPRESSIVE FIGURES on magnets that illustrate a wide range of emotions in a non-stereotypical and neutral way.
    • 6 EMOTION CATEGORIES color-coded to guide children to understand the different core emotions we all experience.
    • A BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED GUIDE that provides key insights about emotions. It includes questions to support adults in guiding the children to identify and understand their emotions. Tips: different ways to use the magnets to build emotional awareness, cultivate empathy and develop good decision making skills.

    The Feeling Bodies emotion magnets also complement and fit into the My Feelings Box. The colors of the emotions are matching and provide additional guidance for children to express their feelings.

    Product Instructions

    Building Emotional literacy takes time. Having your child pick, on a daily basis, how they are feeling from the Feeling Bodies magnets, and then having them pick how they want to feel will eventually allow your child to acknowledge and manage his emotions while he is at school, playing sport or is out with friends.

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