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Driver Assess

Driving Behaviour, Saving Lives

Driver Assess

Driver Assess is an on-line driver behaviour profiler that enables you to identify and understand your driving patterns. By interpreting the report and ‘observing’ your own driving behaviours, self talk, your emotions and feelings when driving, you are able to identify your high(er) risk behaviours or confirm that you are a low(er) risk driver.

Driver Assess is launching soon. If you’d like to be notified at launch please visit www.driverassesslive.com and leave your name and contact details in the fields provided.

Consciously changing the high(er) risk behaviours and giving the trigger events a different meaning, will make you a lower risk, safer driver. Changing your high(er) risk behaviours results in less stress, less rushing, safer roads, more courteous behaviour between road users, easier flowing traffic and fewer deaths and accidents. You can also practice conscious driving every time you drive.

Product Specs
  • An on-line driver behaviour profiler of 80 questions.
  • Takes approximately 15 – 20 minutes to complete.
  • You need to be able to read and understand English (other languages will be added later).
  • You receive a personalised, self-interpretable driver behaviour report.
  • Access to a series of video’s that assist you in interpreting your report and driving consciously.
  • You will learn about your actual driving and your feeling towards fellow road users, every time you drive. Driving consciously is when you get practical insights into the report data and enables you to see your risk profile in action.
Product Instructions

Once we launch, you will pay for a profiler online at www.driverassessline.com.

The cost per product is R200 incl. VAT per profiler.

You will be able to purchase multiple profilers at once.

Once you have paid, a link is sent to each of the people you have nominated.

Click on the link and complete the profiler (15 – 20 minutes).

Once you have completed the assessment you will receive your report that you will be able to access the driver assess video tutorials.

You will then be able to begin to drive consciously and change your high(er) risk driving behaviours.

You can be part of making the roads safer, one driver at a time.