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Classroom Conversation Jar

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Classroom Conversation Jar
Classroom Conversation Jar
Classroom Conversation Jar

The Classroom Conversation Jar is a simple tool made up of questions that help build connection in your family or amongst students in your class. They are fun to use, engaging and it helps to build self awareness, empathy and consequential thinking. They help build connection with students in the classroom.  It is a wonderful way to learn more about our children and for them to learn to understand themselves more.

Product Specs

Have conversations that build EQ and connection.

  • Conversation Card: 54 Questions
  • Conversation Card Sizes: 8,5cm x 5cm
  • Conversation Jars : 9,8cm Height and 6,5cm Width


Product Instructions

This tool can be used at the start of the day with the students taking a question each on their way into the class. They can then read out their question and can answer it themselves. Another way is to have one question read out that they can all then answer individually.