EQ Expert

Shawn Cornet

Advanced EQ Practitioner

EQ matters because it empowers us to connect better, communicate better & contribute better for success, at work & at home, in a complex world where emotions drive us.


To empower people to connect better, communicate better & contribute better by increasing their EQ, I journey with my clients to provide awareness & insight to ignite change; leading to greater satisfaction & success.

I hold qualifications in psychology, education, training, learning & development & business management. Previous work experience has taken me to Africa, Asia & the Middle East where I have worked with 5-star airlines. With a passion for customer service & personal development I embrace the opportunity to put EQ into action with great results.

I received my EQ training through Six Seconds – a non-profit global organization. As a certified Advanced EQ Practitioner I am committed to getting more people practicing EQ to make the world a better place. Currently I run EQ workshops, conduct EQ testing on individuals, teams, schools & organizations, coach & consult whether in SA or other parts of the world & also speak at conferences when required.


“Shawn is one of those rare individuals who blends head & heart to support the growth of others. His passion for creating positive change comes to life in his training and coaching.”

- Jayne (Six Seconds)

“Shawn is an inspirational leader with high EQ. He is a very personable, kind & caring leader who genuinely is interested in what you have to say. His people skills are his greatest asset.”

- Eldon (British Council)

EQ Workshops & Training

EQ Workshops are conducted in-house or publically from time to time and can range from a few hours up to five days as per the need of the client. Workshops are offered to improve performance and for personal development. Where possible some form of EQ test is included to personalize the training and make it more relevant. Sessions are fun & highly interactive.

EQ Testing

I use a variety of Six Seconds assessment tools to evaluate individuals, teams or organizations. Assessments for individuals include the Brain Brief, Brain Talent, Brain Discovery, SEI Leadership or Development, SEI or Vital Signs 360 and Neural Network.

Assessments for teams include the Group Dashboard and the Team Vital signs which focuses on effectiveness. The Organizational Vital Signs focuses on the overall effectiveness of the organization as a whole.

Guest Speaking

I am happy to speak at events, meetings, gatherings or conferences on a variety of topics associated with emotional intelligence. Talks can range anything from 10 minutes to an hour as per the needs and requirement of the client.

Coaching & Mentoring

One-on-one debrief sessions can be arranged either in person or done virtually to discuss reports generated and to look at the way forward. Coaching is a part of this and sessions tend to last for an hour maximum. This allows the individual an opportunity to explore in more detail and get the individual assistance he/she may require.

Children & Teens

If Children and Teens can see the value of EQ from a young age it will help them to reach success earlier on in life. I work with children and teens individually or in a school setting where rapport is built and trust is created. Self-reflection helps them to understand themselves and their situations better and personal development is enhanced through guidance and self discovery.