EQ Expert

Sharon Deal

EQ matters because because it connects us to ourselves and others. Understanding the wisdom that lives within gives us the confidence, conviction and courage to show up Authentically and to lead from this place.


“Transforming lives, life and leadership”

I am passionate about people living, loving and leading from a place of Authenticity. I am a transformational coach & EQ practitioner with a serious passion to make a difference in lives, life and leadership. My 25 years as owner & leader in the corporate space gives me wonderful insight in working with entrepreneurs, executives and their teams. Personally I have been married for 31 years, have 2 adult children and one beautiful grandchild. My life and its journey have prepared me well to walk the distance and unlock potential in others.

My areas of speciality are : Personal Transformation, Life and Business Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Leadership Development, Transforming Culture and building TRUST in teams.  I engage with individuals and organisations through in-house training, teambuilding, educating, facilitating, coaching and inspirational speaking.

 I am a change agent with a vision to transform a billion lives and to make a serious difference in this world. 

I am a qualified Six Seconds EQ Practitioner, SEI Assessor & Vital Signs Assessor.  I am also an advanced C-IQ (Converational Intelligence) Advanced Skills Practitioner

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Working with Sharon has been life changing to say the least. So many breakthroughs to speak of, the main one being the lies that I believed that controlled my being, relationships & outcomes in my life. I took the deep dive and did the deep work, the freedom I gained was life changing. I have learned to love all of myself which shows in the way I live, love and lead. My journey started with me, then I brought my nearest and dearest in and now my corporate team. The shifts all round have been incredible.

- Karin Theunissen, Director & Owner Logica Beauty Supplies, Cape Town

Having engaged with different personal development approaches in previous years, the experience with WAI has been the first to bring about lasting positive transformation. With a practical and intuitive approach, Sharon moves way beyond teaching an understanding of behaviour, or merely working with outcomes and symptoms of experiences.
I highly recommend WAI – I am living proof of its empowering outcomes.

- Thania Olivier, Investec Banker

EQ Workshops & Training

Transforming lives, life and leadership is where all our training starts. We custom design workshops to develop individuals, leaders and teams to show up authentically and to lead from this place.

The Authentic Journey – a journey of self
Developing your EQ – Practical learning as you build your new skillset
Values & Limiting Beliefs
Boundaries 101
Boundaries for leaders
Leading from the inside out
Call to Courage
Capacity Building
Self-Awareness (Switched on to life)
Self-Management (Living & Leading intentionally)
Stress Management
Non-Violent Communication
Effective Communication

Just a few to mention in our wide range of offerings

Developing Emotional Intelligence
There are many modules that are added to this depending on the need. An example of a module would be:

Building Integrity
Leading Authentically
Igniting thinking environments etc

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching is having a thinking partner for the journey of self-discovery where you take full responsibility for your life and maximize your potential

Our coaching engagements usually start with a SEI (EQ Assessment) so we can accelerate your growth pathway. Sessions range from 60 to 90 minute sessions.

Children & Teens

For children and teens I offer the SEI-YV (Social Emotional Intelligence Assessment -Youth Version) and Brain Style assessments. A parent’s perceptive assessment can also be done for children under the age of 10.

I start by understanding the needs of the individual, be it the parent or the child. Emphasis is given to strengths and these are used to address individual challenges.

A safe and fun environment is created where individuals feel heard and supported and a relationship of trust is established. Practical tools are given to support any required change.


There are various levels of engagement I have with parents,

Parent to parent
Parent to child
Child to parent

We identify the need and usually start with a Tall Trees Parenting Profile together with the Tall Trees Adult and Teenager/Kids profile to bring understanding of the uniqueness in each one’s personality style.

We then have the option (depending on the need) to incorporate the Six Seconds SEI Leadership Assessment for both adult and Youth. This determines our pathway moving forward. Provides beautiful open discussion and brings immense understanding.

A safe and fun environment is always provided when coaching or facilitating a workshop appropriate to the needs.