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Nokubonga (Bongi) Mbanga

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EQ matters because it is the energy that moves us. Emotion moves us to our own worth, they drive our human connection, they help us rise to our own performance. Our emotions are our currency, we trade with them in every interaction that moves us forward progressively.


My career focus has always been in developing people in organisations starting with my first role as a training officer, which evolved into managing performance, employee engagement and talent management.

At the heart of my work is a focus on helping people be leaders of themselves by learning to harness their own personal power to drive growth and performance. I learnt in my personal  journey that the more I understand myself, challenge myself, the better I am at being brave with my growth. I understood that my professional growth requires a shift in I how I see myself, how I use emotions to assert myself, show up in the world and how I create meaning in every situation. 

I have therefore in all my roles (professionally and personally) championed personal development as a must and not a nice to have skill.

I believe that deep inside every person there is a desire to live a meaningful life, to have purpose, to live an inspired life and make a difference. People therefore need support and self-belief.


Bongi helped me to break down my goals and transform them into actionable and manageable tasks. Bongi’s easy manner, ability to listen, logical thought process and sound business acumen have assisted in understanding the situation at hand. I value her ability to grasp a variety of business problems, unpack them and create simple and achievable goals.

- Cecilia, Johannesburg

“I worked with Nokubonga Mbanga on the production of an Ochre Media reality show for SABC 1.The show dealt with social issues faced by young women in the community of Dannhauser in KZN. Bongi’s expertise as a coach yielded positive results in most instances where these young girls realised how the choices that they made in their lives impacted their lives today.”

- Chris, Johannesburg & KZN

EQ Workshops & Training

My EQ workshops are designed to drive your vision through emotional intelligence by building confidence and emotional resillience

EQ Testing

I conduct EQ assessments to assist clients to have a concrete awareness of areas of EQ development and learning to leverage on their EQ strengths.

Coaching & Mentoring

My coaching methodology is designed to help build the leader within.

I also use THE EQ Practice as an online EQ training platform designed to assist you to do EQ learning on the go and it can also be a post training/ post assessment and coaching support tool to continuously grow your EQ development.