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Donna Joy Ford

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EQ matters because it defines the quality of your life - joyful or depressed, satisfied or unfulfilled, peaceful or overwhelmed.


I’ve been on this journey myself: depressed, lost, anxious, insecure, pretending to be someone else, untapped in my potential and talents and too scared to do anything about it, feeling like a failure and not having a clue what to do next. I sought help. Now, I know joy, I’ve learnt my true nature is joy and I live my life from tht place most of the time. I’ve also made peace with those times that I forget.

I have since studied what helped me and facilitate others to gain joy, clarity and appreciation for themselves and their lives. I support my clients to reignite the passion and purpose they hold within themselves and break through the blocks that prevent them from living their purpose and expressing themselves fully or from living satisfying, fulfilling lives.

  • Do you wish to have more joy in your life?
  • Have you already tried all the usual paths to health and still feel dissatisfied, depressed, joyless, unfulfilled and hopeless that anything can change?
  • Are you hard on yourself?
  • Do you find yourself wishing some things could be different and you don’t know how to make it happen?
  • Do you think “if only he/she didn’t do x, I would be happy?”

If so, I can help.

My qualifictions include:

  • Soc.Sci (Psychology & Industrial Psychology),
  • Martha Beck Certified Life Coach (includes Byron Katie methodology),
  • Innate Healing Therapy (a combination of healing modalities),
  • Kinesiology Neurocardiology 11,
  • REIKI level 111,
  • LIfeSkills4Kids (Louise Haye based emotional intelligence for kids), and
  • massage therapy.
  • I am also a big believer in Brene Brown’s research and completed her online course for the Gifts of Imperfection.



You have helped me to put my life in perspective and evolved my thinking. I have more tools in my toolkit to approach recurring challenges differently.• “You have helped me to put my life in perspective and evolved my thinking. I have more tools in my toolkit to approach recurring challenges differently.

- Kimmy, Accountant

If you need to get 'unstuck,' go and see Donna. With her wisdom and insight you will gain the tools necessary to live life bravely and creatively.

- Organic producer, Upper Tongaat

Coaching & Mentoring

My clients include a 6 year old girl all the way through to a man of 71 years of age and some of what is challenging them include:

• Depression e.g. post-natal
• Anxiety e.g. over finances or parenting
• Worrying about the future or the future of your children
• Yearning for more meaning and purpose in their lives
• Transitioning from working to retirement
• Moving to a new town
• Juggling parenting challenges with being a partner

And what they walk away with is:
• breaking through blocks that prevent them from living purposefully,
• gaining joy, clarity and appreciation for themselves,
• reigniting passion so they can express themselves fully
• and finding their lives are more satisfied and fun-filled.

These results have been achieved through a combination of Coaching and Mentoring and Bodyworks.

Emotions are the language of the body. Working with the body is one ways to release and learn more about your emotions. This is where I include Bodyworks from various modalities (Nervous System Balances, Kinesiology, Cranio-Sacral Work, Polarity Bodyworks, Reiki, Reflexology, and more) to help bring release, balance and stability to your emotions.

The cost :
R500 per 1-hour session (either Coaching or Bodywork)
R800 per 2-hour session (a combination of Coaching and Bodywork)

R2200 for a series of 5 x 1-hour sessions
R3500 for a series of 5 x 2-hour sessions

I offer a free 15-minute introductory session / conversation via phone call or Skype to connect and establish whether I am the right fit for you to grow your EQ.

Children & Teens

I facilitate children of all ages (from 6 into early adulthood) who have emotional, mental and spiritual challenges, joys and dreams.
This may include:
• anxiety around friends or performance at school,
• teens feeling lost around their futures,
• self-esteem for girls and boys,
• fears around a split in their parents
• issue around addiction or
• recovering from traumas such as car accidents.

I believe we all face challenge as an integral part of life and to face them requires courage on behalf of the parent and child seeking the support. Facing challenges, learning to do hard things, rising after we have fallen, is what being human is all about, no matter our age. Developing emotional intelligence helps us do this.

I offer working with children as Coaching, Mentoring or Bodywork sessions.