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Colleen Wilson

EQ Expert

EQ matters because our emotions are the fuel to our engines. We are, because of how we feel.


There are 3 areas of life that grip my soul, twist it firmly and don’t seem to ever let go and these are the areas, which I hope will stir your soul too – LIVING, LOVING and LEADING.

These are not only areas of passion and experience, but also of learning.  These areas combine experience and huge life lessons with my professional knowledge and insights too. This tends to make up a really cool combo of story sharing, underpinned with research and greater understanding.

LIVING comes from a decade-plus long journey with my own health. This extended road trip has had me largely by-pass mainstream medical approaches and taken me into the magical and powerful realms of homeopathy, herbalism, acupuncture, kinesiology, nutrition, energy healing and more. Along this adventure I’ve studied nutrition, Touch for Health, Massage, Reiki and Access Consciousness.

LOVING sits firmly in the ambit of relationship for me. Relationship to self.  Relationship to the Divine. Relationship to creation. Relationship to others. Who I bring forward every day, in different situations and who you do too, interests me deeply.

Along the way I have studied Consciousness Coaching, Access Consciousness, Non-violent Communication, Interpersonalneurobiology (yup, have 3 tequilas and try and say that out loud!) and as always, extensive reading and research, in all of these fields. I also teach parents and educators through my business Contemporary Connections, in Emotional Intelligence and connection.

LEADING. We all lead at some point, yet very few of us do it remarkably well.  When we lead, we lead people.  Yet we are often poorly schooled in people skills, people insights & understanding and most of us are low on empathy.  We are not keyed into the science of human performance or human relationship – and yet they are linked.

The most profound and impactful leading role in life is that of parent. Parenting. Parenting!  This is truly the toughest thing I have ever done. I have graduated myself from dysfunctional parent to high-functioning parent. Yay!! There is such freedom in this.  This parenting area was so immense for me, that I ended up studying and teaching parenting and have done so since 2010.

I now run parent, teacher and leadership training courses in the fields of relationship, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, awareness, dealing with stress, tricky behaviours and self-awareness. This has revolutionised the way I live & love and my passion is to share this with you.


Thank you Colleen, you are an inspirational speaker, and so real. I was blown away.

- Client

Colleen, I am changed forever for encountering you.  You have a gifting and I wish you well as you change the world, one parent at a time.

- Client

EQ Workshops & Training

For parents I offer, with my partner Candice Dick, through Contemporary Parenting we offer, a 4 module Signature Parenting Course. We offer, for educators, a 3 module Signature Educating Course both in-house or as a public course.

Visit the events page to see when the next course is available.


For parents I offer, with my partner Candice Dick, through our company – Contemporary Parenting, a 4 module Signature Parenting Course. The modules cover Awareness and Conscious Parenting, Emotional Intelligence, Challenging Behaviours and Self Awareness.

I will also offer one one one or couple mentoring for graduates of this course.
I will do talks and key notes to groups of parents and related groups.

Guest Speaking

I offer talks and Key Notes for interested parties relating to the power of relationships in any context as well as other topics relating to emotional intelligence, understanding ourselves, mindfulness and awareness and the brain.

Coaching & Mentoring

I mentor people who are ready for change and aware that there is something missing, someway that they can enhance their current circumstances and that have the willingness to engage with their own transformation.

I work in the field of relationship within families and within organisations primarily by helping people gain insight about who it is they are showing up as everyday and how to shift from their default self to the self they aspire to be.

Additionally I offer insights into what is going on for those around them, and tools to try and grow their awareness and their skills of relating. My work is underpinned by my extensive studies, specifically in the fields of Interpersonalneurobiology (the science of relationship) and Emotional Intelligence.

Contemporary Connections offers a number of products created to build connection and emtoinal intelligence at home and school. They can be purchased from Takealot and viewed in the product section of EQ Evolution.