Emotional Intelligence (EQ) at School

Emotional Intelligence at school is usually referred to as Social Emotional Learning (SEL).  EQ is the skill set developed through social emotional learning it includes emotional literacy, self-awareness, resilience, intrinsic motivation. It is so powerful when staff and educators are empowered in the science, and awareness of Emotional Intelligence.  There are many ways to introduce or build understanding and awareness of EQ in a school.  You can host an EQ course, workshop or talk for educators or parents.  You can arrange a class or workshop for children from pre-school to Grade 12.  EQ self-assessment and debriefs are a great way to understand how EQ is impacting a school, a class and individuals.  You can also purchase EQ products.  At every age and stage of life we can learn more about our own and other’s emotional landscapes. Explore and discover what would work best for your classroom or school.